Essential for the Physically Challenged

A society can only be judged by observing how its members treat each other and especially those that are disabled. These individuals require assistance and they should be treated with respect so that they can feel appreciated and part of society.  Disability Laws protect these people and citizens should be aware of these rules.

The regulations are aimed to create an enabling environment for people who have special needs to leave a normal life. This is for the reason that the disabled are likely to be subjected to discrimination when it comes to jobs, education, accessing services and goods. Newcastle County, disability law has been put in place to give them opportunities enabling them to live a better life.

To allow these people to leave a better life, there are some issues that need to be taken care of. Due to their condition, some cannot be able to get into buildings. Public and government buildings should enhance accessibility for the physically challenged. If a building is inaccessible, that means it is hard to access services hence discriminating these members of society.

The disabled should have access to quality education in a hospitable environment in relation to the persons needs. Learning institutions are expected to develop programs for these individuals and ensure that they are trained by knowledgeable tutors. Provision of education ensures that they are able to acquire basic skills and they can be able to have a better future.

Employers are required to provide them with means of earning a living as far as they are qualified for the positions. These individuals should also be provided with a better working environment to enable them to execute their duties without unnecessary difficulties. If they are to be discriminated this means they can only become beggars or depended on other people which is dehumanizing.

Like another citizen, the disabled have a right to be registered as voters and to vote. The polling stations should be accessible, and those that do not comply with this rule are not supposed to be used. The voters should also be assisted as they go through the voting process. This ensures that they can understand what is expected of them using special devices or people who are trained to communicate with them.

Many physically challenged people previously had problem in accessing airplanes due to lack of adequate facilities or rules discriminating against them. Many airlines used to deny their assistance the right to board thus making it difficult for these individuals who cannot do things on their own. The modern planes are supposed to be friendly while airport facilities are altered to be suitable.

No person is allowed to deny physically challenged persons a place to live by their condition. These people have a right to buy, rent and dwell in any house that they can afford therefore they should be given equal opportunities. Policies that make it possible for these people to live in a place should be implemented. The Newcastle County, disability law is critical considering that any person can become disabled.